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Can a student reconfirm Einstein's General Theory of Relativity?

Einstein's Quest

It’s been 100 years since Sir Arthur Eddington confirmed Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity. We’re on an Epic Expedition to the Atacama Desert in Chile this summer during the July 2nd total solar eclipse to see if 10 year old, Global Science Ambassador Romanieo Jr. and his science team from NASA and LLNL can come close to, or exceed the measurements Eddington made in the year 1919.

Romanieo Jr and his family are Meade Brand Ambassadors and to date he’s the only child to receive VIP invitations to 3 of the world’s leading scientific institutions; CERN (Switzerland & France), 5 NASA sites and LLNL.

Wowed by the “next level” thinking and mathematics behind The General Theory of Relativity, Romanieo Jr. says that if children learned the fundamentals of the theory, along with him, perhaps they (his peers) can create better space drives in the coming future.